#1 Internationale J/22 Klassenregeln: Änderungen ab 1. März 2010 von Thomas Hanf 02.02.2010 22:13


International J/22 Class Association Class Rules
Changes effective March 1, 2010

1. Hiking Rule

Previous Rule under Rule 8 prohibitions

8.8 Use by the crew of any rope, wire, rail, handhold or other special device for the purpose
of supporting their weight outboard of a vertical line projected upward from the sheerline. However, use of the jib, spinnaker, mainsheet and/or their attached sheets, or vang held solely by the hands for hiking purposes, is permitted. When hiking in the sitting position, facing inboard, no part of the crew's upper thighs shall be outboard of sheerline. When sitting facing outboard, no part of the crew's posterior shall be outboard of the sheerline.

Rule as revised and accepted by ISAF

8.8 Hiking, unless; (a) sitting on the deck, and (b) permitted equipment listed in 8.8.1, if used, is held only by the hands.

8.8.1 Permitted: the use of factory-installed cabin top handrails and winches, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets, mainsheet and vangsheet.

8.8.2 Prohibited: the use of any equipment not listed in 8.8.1; the use of any equipment listed in 8.8.1 while not in its ordinary designed position. (Examples of prohibited equipment are foot straps, hiking straps, tethers, halyards, and pants or shorts with hard battens or other stiffeners. An example of prohibited use of equipment listed in 8.8.1 includes making loops in a sheet.)

Reason for Change
The current ruling has been a bone of contention for a number of years, and trying to understand the wording has made it more confusing than it needs to be. Scores of e-mail correspondence with the European J/22 Class officials have been exchanged, and the proposed amendment was the net outcome of our discussions.

2. Windward Sheeting Car

Previous Rule
Not Applicable

Rule as accepted by ISAF

5.32 The use of a windward sheeting car system.

Reason for Change
Testing has been completed and proven not to be a speed-improving enhancement to the J/22, but simply an option of convenience.

Quelle: J22.org
#2 Re: Internationale J/22 Klassenregeln: Änderungen ab 1. März 2010 von Thomas Lösch 14.02.2010 15:46

Die Regeländerung 2010 ist hier zu finden: http://www.jandmore.loesch.li/a859cf09f0af8122bb0919977b8ad158_Rule_changes_affective_March_1.pdf

Die gesamten Klassenregeln 2010 einschließlich der oberen Änderungen gibt es hier:


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